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Better Bodies Gym - Fit for life


All Started In 2012

Better Bodies Gym was established in January 2012.

We are the first and only one of its kind in Westonaria and dedicated to serving the community with possibilities of opening new branches to the surrounding areas.

At Better Bodies Gym we are committed to ensure that are clients are given the opportunity to improve their health status and achieve their fitness goals by offering them the following activities:

  • Full Body Assessment on their first visit to Better Bodies Gym Health Club and regular body assessments throughout their contract.
  • Offer our members partners and friends FREE seven day Gym Passes to ensure that they are not left out in the mission of being fit for life.
  • We give our clients access to free training instructors who are qualified in the field of health and fitness.

  • Vision & Objectives

    Our Vision & Objectives to uplift the community

    Our Vision is to maximise our market share in the health and fitness sector around the area. While our objective are to:

    • Provide a world class customer service to all our members
    • Provide safe and user friendly health and fitness facilities
    • To Optimise the health and fitness market through innovative sales and marketing techniques
    • To develop health and fitness awareness around our communities

    Vision & Objectives
  • Health and Fitness


    Transparency - We operate fairly in the way we run our business by being transparent to all our members. All the terms and conditions applicable to our contracts are made visible to all our members. Equality - We value diversity in that all person are welcome to join at Better Bodies Gym Health Clubs. Commitment - We are committed to achieve our business objectives and providing world class customer service. Excellence - We will continuously improve our service and business by benchmarking ourselves against global business leading organisations and international health and fitness operating standards.

    Health and Fitness
  • Health & Fitness Benefits

    Exercise leading to a better lifestyle

    By engaging in a health and fitness program you will see the health benefit through controlled cholesterol due to being more active. Health and fitness programs help you to reduce your medical expenses and strengthens your immune system. Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to all the vital organs and parts of your body helping you to focus better and provides you with higher energy levels.

    Health & Fitness Benefits

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keeping you fit for life

  • Fitness


    Trading Hours:

    Monday – Thursday : 6:00am to 21:00pm

    Friday –  6:00am to 20:00pm

    Saturday –  6:00am – 15:00pm

    Contact us: (011) 753 1177

    We offer a variety of services from Spinning Classes, aerobics classes, a free weights section, cardio machines, training programs, supplements, affordable prices and helpful straff!

  • Health & Fitness Benefits

    The following are key Health and fitness benefits you can look forward to when starting an exercise program at Better Bodies Gym:

    Lower chance Heart Disease – The heart beat is regulated by cardio exercise improving blood flow and oxygen be transported through your body.
    Lower chance of High Blood Pressure – When the heart beat is well controlled through cardio exercise the blood flow is improved.
    Lower chance of a Stroke – High Blood pressure causes a Stroke which can be prevented by a good exercise program.
    Obesity – Uncontrolled weight gain leads to obesity which will end up being a health hazard. Obesity leads to heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.
    Healthy Bones & Muscles – A controlled exercise program will teach you the proper techniques to achieve healthy muscle growth and prevent injury.
    Strength and endurance – A natural positive side effect from being more active and following a fitness program.
    Energy Levels – Increased oxygen regulating throughout your body helps to allow your body to function better and being more healthy naturally increases energy levels.
    Improves stress levels – Exercising releases endorphins which helps to improve stress levels.
    Boosts confidence – When you feel good and look good it boosts a persons confidence in yourself.
    Improves appetite – Following a good training program will motivate you to follow a healthier diet and increase awareness of what are healthy foods.
    Health & Fitness Benefits

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1 Year Contract

  • Full Gym Access
  • Joining Fee R250
  • 1 Year Membership (12 months)
  • R249 per month

2 Year Contract

  • Full Gym Access
  • Joining Fee R250
  • 2 year Membership (24 months)
  • R178